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The knowledge that circulates through the streets (4)

The knowledge that circulates through the streets (4)*

The streets and the streets, we arrive at an airport. With indicative and illustrative plates through the streets and avenues (road signs), and painted symbols on the floor or on the road (markings), arrived with a vehicle parking an airport. The parking lot to the departure lounge we find the signs and displays for both passengers and pedestrians; men, women and children.

Before embarking many providences and plans are executed by pilots and airlines. Aviation and pilots need to see far ahead, before problems occur, or reach a new need to take off or land. The odds and the needs of that can happen, they must be estimated and calculated. You need to know what happens in the next town, the nearest airport, next loading or unloading, the next takeoff and landing next. You have to evaluate and alternative routes for takeoffs and landings, after the unexpected. Evaluate the present time and the last time (weather) to estimate a future time, the weather forecast.

And the first step is to identify the next point of landing or takeoff. Identify so that all embedded and not embedded know that point is talking about. Points defined by latitude and longitude, heights and altitudes; lengths and widths of the tracks. Opportunities and facilities offered at each airport. Finally, the airport has a name recognized by all. For international understanding, acronyms were established and used.

All passengers embarking or disembarking a flight, and even those that will accompany passengers in departures and arrivals, already begin a first contact with this new knowledge. A knowledge that comes out of airports and hits the streets. Whether or not just by inserting this knowledge in everyday life. Airline to check-in location, and information desk; Time table of the airline. Arrival time and departure time; time limit for baggage handling and time limit for shipment. Departure gate and boarding pass. Score with departure and arrival, flight Cias, destinations and origins flights.

A knowledge that starts in buying an airline ticket online or in a travel agency that sells airline tickets. A knowledge to recognize the airport of embarkation and disembarkation, possible scales, connections and transshipments, before reaching the final destination. Each airport will be recognized by a three letter code, code (IATA). Each airport can also be recognized by a four-letter code (ICAO), which in addition to identifying the airport, indicates the country and the continent. In commercial airline tickets the most commonly used is the three-letter code, with the code of four letters to other airports, and to each. Aerodromes where you can find military units, search and rescue services; and air taxi services. So it is in Brazil.

As well as commercial airports are recognized by a three letter code, airlines are recognized by a two-letter code. You get on Natal / RN (NAT) has the ability to reach any point in the country making stops or connections in Brasilia / DF (BSB); in São Paulo / SP at Guarulhos (GRU) or Congonhas (CGH); or via Rio de Janeiro / RJ with the Rio International Airport (GIG) or Santos Dumont (SDU). The city of Belo Horizonte / MG has two airports: Pampulha (BHZ) and Confins (CNF). Boarding Natal offers some Brazilian airlines as TAM (JJ), Gol (G3) and Blue (AD).

Entre Natal/RN e Parnamirim/RN, o Trampolim da Vitória.

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BR/BRA Palavras chaves: informação, conhecimento, comunicação. Komunikologia.
DE/DEU Suchbegriffe: Information, Wissen, Kommunikation. Kommunikologie.
ES/ESP Palabras clave: la información, el conocimiento, la comunicación. Kommunikologie.
FR/FRA Mots-clés: information, la connaissance, la communication. Kommunikologie.
IT/ITA Parole chiave: informazioni, la conoscenza, la comunicazione. Kommunikologie.
US/USA Keywords: information, knowledge, communication. Kommunikologie.

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